Disposable Dust Mask 3 Plys Respirator Mask 500pcs

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With CE and  FDA approved

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Disposable Dust Mask 3 Plys Face Mask Respirator


Our 3-Ply Disposable Face Mask provides a physical barrier to dust, dirt, debris, smoke and powder. Multi-layer design blocks air pollution to protect user. Folds expand to offer full coverage over nose and mouth. Nose piece along top of mask allow for a custom fit. Lightweight with elastic earloops, it is comfortable and easy to put on or take off. This face mask is ideal for use at home and in restaurants, beauty salons, nail shops, pet shops as well as other environments that require respiratory protection.


1. No glass fibers, hypoallergenic

2. Very low resistance to breathing

3. Nose bar adaptable

4. Perfect fitting

5. Ideal for use at home and in restaurants, beauty salons, nail shops, pet shops, etc.

Disposable Dust Mask  Description:

We are offering wide range of Face Mask to our clients  with meltblown with nose pin

Material 3 Ply
Type General Purpose
Size Free Size
Mask Securing Method Ear loop
Disposable Yes
Usage/Application meltblown with nose pin
Quantity per Pack 100
Certification ISI Certified
Packaging Type Packet
Number Of Ply 3 play
Mask Type 3 play
Brand parkesh
Efficiency good
Color Blue

disposable dust maskdisposable dust mask

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How to wear a Disposable Face Mask?

1. First of all, open the mask and distinguish its front and back sides. Generally, the darker side is the front side and the smoother one is the reverse side. When wearing a mask, make sure that the reverse side of the mask is facing inward and close to your skin, and the front side of the mask is facing outward. Please don’t take it wrong.

2. After distinguishing the front and back sides of the mask, hang the two ropes of the mask on the ears, stretch the mask downward with your hands, and wrap the mouth and chin together.

3. Use your fingertips to press your nose from inside to outside, move to both sides along the shape of the nose, and let the upper end of the mask tightly stick to your nose, so that the mask is not easy to fall down, so that it can completely cover your mouth and nose, and fit your face, so as to achieve the effect of dust prevention and haze.


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