3M Mask N95 9502V Mask Head Loop 50pcs

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3M Mask N95 9502V Mask Head Loop

Description: High-efficiency electrostatic filter cotton reduces expiratory resistance to improve wearing comfort. Perfect for non-oily particulate matter, such as PM2.5, smog, dust.

Provides minimum filtration efficiency of 95%. Ergonomic design, fit your face perfectly. Soft inner material and seamless design at the chin, comfortable to wear.

Adjustable nose clip and two elastic fastening straps create a secure seal for maximum protection.

Foldable design, easy to carry. Fits for grinding, sanding, sweeping, sawing and other dusty operations use.

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Brand Name: 3M Model Number: 9502+

Product Name: Particulate Respirator

Material: Electrostatic Filter Cotton Certification

Standard: KN95

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How to use 3M mask, can3M Mask be washed?

3M Mask-Several Using Tips As below:

1, 3M N95 mask can be used after drying.

2, No matter you use it or not, Do not touch the inside. If the inside of the respirator is touched, it will easily cause pollution, which will not play a protective role.

3, If 3M N95 respirator mask is damaged or polluted, it can’t play a protective role. It needs to be replaced in time, otherwise it won’t get the protective effect.

4, If 3M respirator mask  is discarded, it needs to be disinfected first, and then it can be discarded. However, 75% alcohol is needed for disinfection. This is a better disinfectant, and it can be discarded after disinfection.

How to reuse the precious kn95 /N95 respirator mask?
There are two key points of disinfection: the first is high temperature, and the second is no water
There are two reliable disinfection methods:
1. UV sterilization.
2. Dry baking
A very easy way, in fact, is medical ultraviolet radiation, 10 minutes can kill all viruses.
In fact, the disinfecting cabinets and lamps in the home have similar functions.
If you don’t have similar equipment at home, try dry baking.
For example, if you have a radiator at home and the room temperature is 20 °, the temperature on the radiator is actually as high as 60 ~ 70 °.


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