How to Put On N95 Mask? How to Wear N95 Mask

How to Put On N95 Mask? As the number of novel coronavirus infections has been increasing, it has attracted wide attention. The attention of masks has been increasing. But if the respirator is not well worn, it can not play its real role.

Therefore, the following steps are introduced to correct the wearing of N95 masks as follows:

1. First of all, open the mask and distinguish its front and back sides. Generally, the darker side is the front side and the smoother one is the reverse side. When wearing a mask, make sure that the reverse side of the mask is facing inward and close to your skin, and the front side of the mask is facing outward. Please don’t take it wrong.

2. After distinguishing the front and back sides of the mask, hang the two ropes of the mask on the ears, stretch the mask downward with your hands, and wrap the mouth and chin together.

3. Use your fingertips to press your nose from inside to outside, move to both sides along the shape of the nose, and let the upper end of the mask tightly stick to your nose, so that the mask is not easy to fall down, so that it can completely cover your mouth and nose, and fit your face, so as to achieve the effect of dust prevention and haze.

Read picture to know how to wear n95 mask:

How to Put On N95 Mask

N95 Mask-Tips For Using Face Mask As below:

1, N95 mask can be used after drying.

2, No matter you use it or not, Do not touch the inside. If the inside of the respirator is touched, it will easily cause pollution, which will not play a protective role.

3, If N95 mask is damaged or polluted, it can’t play a protective role. It needs to be replaced in time, otherwise it won’t get the protective effect.

4, If N95 mask is discarded, it needs to be disinfected first, and then it can be discarded. However, 75% alcohol is needed for disinfection. This is a better disinfectant, and it can be discarded after disinfection.


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