Can N95 Mask be Reused? How Many Times…

For the normal people, the most important thing now is still “scientific prevention of the coronavirus”; strictly reduce the number of times to go out, if you go out, you must wear a mask safely,  How to wear masks more safely and reasonably? Can N95 Mask be Reused?

Can You Reuse a N95 Mask?

N95 is the first grade requirement for the filtration effect level of occupational protection in the United States. That is to say, under the test conditions specified in the standard, for these non oily particles, including dust and microorganism, the over rate effect is at least 95%. If the frequency of using the mask is not high, and there is no cough, runny nose, sneeze these symptoms, then the N95 mask can be reused. If it is intended to be reused, the inner part of the mask, i.e. the side close to the face, should not be contaminated during storage. If there is cough, runny nose, sneeze these symptoms, as long as the mask becomes dirty, it should be replaced in time. If the respiratory resistance is obviously increased, it should be replaced in time.

Some studies have shown that it can be reused for 3-5 times, but in the process of repeated use, it is necessary to pay attention that the mask may be contaminated with virus, so it is necessary to disinfect the outside

It is not recommended to take off the mask and put it directly into the pocket or bag, which is easy to cause secondary pollution of the medical mask. Make sure to fold it into a clean self sealing bag and fold the side touching the mouth and nose inward

Can You Reuse a N95 Mask?

Wearing N95 mask. If you enter or leave a hospital or a place with dense traffic, you can’t reuse it.

At this time, you must replace it frequently. Also, remove from both sides, do not touch the front with your hands. Take off the mask and don’t throw it away. Because the mask is covered with virus, so it must be destroyed immediately after taking off.
However, the virus density that ordinary people are exposed to is very small, so it is unnecessary to be so vigilant. This valuable mask can be reused. N95 mask can be used around five times without going to the hospital or dense traffic
The N95 mask after use shall be kept in a dry and ventilated place if it needs to be used continuously. Do not fold up for storage.


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